Akashic Record Practitioner Certification Workshop

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Live 4-weeks online workshop

with Bhavya Gaur

October 1 - 23, 2022

Every Saturday & Sunday: 9 am - 12 noon EST (NY time)

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✨ A seeker searching for the meaning of life?

✨ On a mission of service?

✨  Looking for guidance & believe you are here for a reason?

✨  Feeling lost in the middle of all this upheaval?

✨  Ready to break free from limitations & recurring patterns? 

✨  Done with trying to please everyone by proving your worth and fitting into the labels you have been given.

✨ Looking for clarity and feel unsure about what you are here to do?

✨ Feeling that time is passing by and even after trying everything there's a nagging emptiness in the pit of your stomach?

✨  Excited by the idea of re-claiming your inherent power?

✨  Have a deep desire to not only heal yourself but also help others?

This is not a coincidence (it's Divine synchronicity). You have been led here by your spiritual team because it's time. Welcome!

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Akashic record is a healing empowerment tool, your most accurate oracle guiding and supporting you on your life path. Look past the mirage to see yourself as the eternal Be-ing of Light. Bring a shift in awareness to heal.

Referred to as ‘Book of Life’ (in Bible), ‘Book of Remembrance’ (in Torah) and ‘Book of Karma’ (in Hindu scriptures) Akashic Records are available to guide and support you, but only if you are ready.

Experience this 4-week (8 days) transformative journey of re-connecting, cleansing, healing, illumination and recalibration.

Get ready to be amazed by the truth about your Soul’s journey, the immense possibilities hidden in the so-called limitations and the love that surrounds and supports you at all times.  Open your mind beyond I, ME, MYSELF.

Join us live on four weekends in October
October 1 - 23, 2022 (every Saturday and Sunday) from 9am to 12noon EST:
  • Experience the healing energy of Akasha and learn to access the wisdom of your Soul across lifetimes of learning and experiences
  • Embark on safe, loving, non-judgemental and healing journey to know your true essence
  • Reveal soul secrets about yourself - fears, inhibitions, patterns and receive insights into how, why & when these originated and what form are they still showing up in your life. Heal them for good.
  • Unveil past lifetimes, lessons learnt and integrate the wisdom gained to release stubborn traits, patterns, unhealthy life situations to live your best and highest timeline.
  • Clear karmic debts, abusive & unhealthy patterns, restrictive issues through awareness to live an illuminated life
  • Transform your relationship with self and others
  • Heal blocks to manifest loving, nurturing, fulfilling relationships in your life
  • Access the wisdom of your ancestral lineage
  • Identify to heal, integrate or release any ancestral lineage threads, influences, responsibilities impacting your life
  • Release inherited patterns not in alignment with your soul purpose and growth
  • Heal difficult ancestral bonds and inherited karmic debts holding you back
  • Help your lineage break free from persistent themes, patterns that are creating hardships and restricting your lineage from flourishing
  • Heal bondage to suffering and self-sabotage to create the wholesome life you deserve
  • Create a loving, nurturing relationship in your inner and outer Universe
  • Experience insightful meditative journeys, group work and get lots of practice
  • Learn to do Akashic Record readings for Self and others
  • Become a certified Akashic Record Reader

There is no prerequisite for this workshop. Come with an open heart, belief in Divine countenance, and a positive attitude. This workshop will not only build but also strengthen your relationship with the records.

Intuitive or not, during this workshop experience the sublime energy of Akasha. If you are ready for that next step on your spiritual journey to expand awareness, clear karmic debts, unhealthy patterns & blockages register below.

Refund Policy: Due to the individual and informative nature of the workshop making accountability a key element, refunds will not be given for any reason.

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“As you embrace your truth, as you discover yourself all over again, as you see your beauty shine through the veils may you always remember that you are loved as you are without conditions, without pretenses, without any inconsistencies.”

•• Bhavya Gaur

Bhavya is a multi-dimensional worker, a self-empowerment intuitive life Coach, author, speaker, philanthropist, Akashic Record Teacher, Master of Crystology, Reiki Master/Teacher.

Born as an intuitive, Bhavya has been walking the spiritual path dedicated to healing for close to three decades.

She has been teaching Akashic record workshops in Canada, US, Australia, Europe, India and has thousands of happy students across the globe.

”“Thank you so much Bhavya for the wonderful workshop. I enjoyed every minute of it. Loved going into my records. What an eye opener! I came away feeling so different and ready to move on with my life in a very positive way. Can’t wait to do the advanced workshop and so looking forward to seeing you”

~ Noreen C. England, 

“Dear Bhavya, you have made my life! Thank you so much for the unforgettable experience. Lot's of love, God bless.”

~ Asha Z.
Mumbai, India

“Bhavya is a fantastic teacher who makes the entire process of learning a very holistic experience and even the most complicated subjects a pleasure to experience. I am glad I learnt it from her. She is a very pure soul and someone who knows full well how to balance the mind and soul while using such a modality.

Her Akashic record workshops were an eye opener for me with regard to myself and my gifts. They opened up a space of divine communion, a space of profound healing and peace for me. It’s amazing to experience the transformation it brings about in life.

~ Reena S
Mumbai, India

”Bhavya Gaur’s Akashic Records Workshop in San Diego was a really profound weekend. These workshops are truly powerful, and weekend intensive is an appropriate label! I could really describe it as coming home. Bhavya has been a wonderful steward on this journey and I am very grateful to have had this experience with her. For me, being taught how to access my records was a whirlwind of reflection and reconstruction; it helped me find the courage within to face my hardest challenges and honor my Self…The process is ongoing, but new-found strength is inherent from the Records and our loving guides. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey this is a very valuable, life changing practice, and one that I have happily adopted.
I know there are no bounds.”

~ Melody Brown
San Diego, USA

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