Ready to embrace and embody your new 5D reality?

Welcome to this sacred container, the only place where you receive live support and guidance from me as you recalibrate during these transformative times.

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Live Sessions

Receive weekly support in form of live guided meditation, mini session and Q&A on the spotlight theme of the month as you work through it to help you move forward on your spiritual path. 

Monthly Themes

Even though we walk separate paths the basic root causes manifesting in our lives are similar hidden under different circumstances. Each month we focus on a different theme to reveal, heal and learn about an active theme/s in our life along with its impact in different aspects of our life.

Community Support

Prayers are powerful and hold very high frequency. They form a protective cocoon around our energy field as we peel layers to heal on our journey of self-empowerment. Last week of the month is dedicated to prayer requests and good vibes for that extra boost.

Kindred Soulzs® Academy is committed to helping souls blossom into their magnificence.

Deep inside you is a treasure waiting to be found. Limitless potential waiting to be tapped into...numerous dreams waiting to be awakened...hopeful promises waiting to be fulfilled. Remove the veils to let your light shine.

I am here to guide, support & be your cheerleader on this journey of self-awareness and discovery.

You were created with the capacity to give and receive unconditional love, kindness and compassion.

You come from light to experience growth and anchor light while co-creating and contributing to the consciousness.

Your gifts are unique and your place in the jigsaw puzzle of the workings of the Universe is irreplaceable. No one else can do the work you are here to do (however irrelevant or small you may think it to be). This is how important you are!


In this world of influences and reflections instead of standing in our sovereignty we emulate others, hiding our spark beneath veils of conditioning.

It is time to stand tall in sovereignty, leading self, becoming your own Guru. The days of waiting helpless on the sidelines for a saviour have passed. It’s no more about shining anymore….it’s about being the lighthouse!

The evolutionary shift is encouraging us to embody our true essence, do what is necessary to stand in truth, be a beacon of light for Self and for others.

You may ask

I’m taking energy healing courses, reading spiritual books, doing research, going on retreats, doing yoga, meditating daily, but the world around is still chaotic and uncertain. I followed the guidance and answered the call of the inner stirrings of my heart. Now what?!

If you're feeling heavy it's because a part of you is still caught in the illusions that you're carrying around unknowingly.

There’s a reason the expression, “Growing pains” exists. Metamorphosis is not easy. It’s a process. It’s change. It’s challenging. It’s unfamiliar. It’s all that and more…it’s rebirth. It’s a process of Becoming…the best version of ourselves by aligning to our highest timeline.

Even though change is the only thing of permanence it brings uncertainty that’s expressed in different emotions; fear, disbelief, grief and such affiliated emotions. Since we all are closely woven into the fabric of consciousness much of what we experience is the emotional climate at a collective level.

New is taking shape. Navigating through the process and taking steps to progress on this journey, especially during times of great uncertainty, requires inner strength, discernment, clarity, patience, change in perspective, and the courage to let go of cherished beliefs that don’t hold true anymore. Only through removing the redundant and embracing the neglected can we elevate our capacity to channel and become a beacon of light. Only then can we fully express and embody the light we are. 

Growth does not need to be painful or challenging. It can be joyous and liberating based on our perception. Joy is a state of being. Looking outside for something that comes from within will always leave us unfulfilled. 

With so many opinions in shades of grey as influences, it can be easy to enter into a vortex of negativity whether in your own physical reality, or someone else’s and be misguided by the mirage. The only way is through self-awareness, self-discipline, and elevating your thoughts to avoid entering that vortex while trusting your intuition when something is out of alignment.

Introducing Kindred Soulzs® Academy’s

Kindred Soulzs Academy membership is not free and that’s for a reason. Value of a service or product is subjective. In my 25+ years of helping people, time and time again, I have seen that people who invest in themselves see better results and more success.

Money is hard earned Karma. By making an energetic investment in ourselves we commit to taking responsibility for doing the work required. By making a commitment we take ownership of consciously co-creating the life we desire.

This is the best way to get live direct support from me on your journey of Becoming to embody your highest timeline possible.

It is a very small investment in yourself with a HUGE return on investment for the rest of your life.

I do not believe in tying people up with contracts. This membership is to support you so please stay only if you find value here. You can cancel anytime you do not want to continue.
There are no refunds because of the digital nature of the product.

Membership is currently closed.

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  • Every month will have a different theme

  •  We will meet on two Sundays of the month

  •  Weekly newsletter with messages from Akasha




$95 Savings

  • Every month will have a different theme

  •  We will meet on two Sundays of the month

  •  Weekly newsletter with messages from Akasha


This membership is beneficial for you if...

  • You are a seeker and are always looking for ways to better yourself as a spiritual being
  • You are ready to open the vortex of your potential and discover your depth.
  • Like to meditate and would appreciate profound experiences through guided meditations
  • You could use some extra help, guidance and support on a monthly basis on your spiritual journey
  • You have stubborn repetitive patterns that keep resurfacing even after working on them
  • You would benefit from insightful work and tools to uncover the lessons embedded in current life situations and relationships
  • You would like to belong to a tribe that understands your work and appreciates your gifts
  • You would like to get better at doing Akashic record readings
  • You are open to embracing all of you without judgement
  • You are ready to transform your life from inside out
  • With continued support, you learn to restore your soul's creative presence
  • You are ready to make peace with and accept every aspect, every dimension of your being. 

Live Weekly Sessions

Your membership is centered around live sessions offered on first and third Sunday of every month.

If you are ready to come out of hibernation, with guidance and support willing to shine your truth, create the legacy you wish to leave, and allow the expression of your truth to magnetize your soul family to you, the Luminary Membership is for YOU!

Week 1:

Live Channelled Meditation

Being curious and seeking answers is an integral part of growth. This is your sacred space as you unlearn to learn something new or simply rediscover the workings of Universe and your place, role in it.

Powerful experiential, channelled guided meditation will give insights into major themes currently active in your life. With awareness and acceptance bring these into alignment and balance creating space to heal.

Week 3:

Live Mini Session

You are a spiritual being living a physical reality. Your inner work is incomplete without being grounded and anchored into this reality that you are a part of. Mini channelled sessions are great for getting clarity, guidance and actionable tools to anchor and continue the self-work with consistency. Asking questions and receiving guidance leads you another step closer to getting to know yourself better.

Week 4:

Prayer Requests

The act of praying is an acknowledgement
of the spiritual truth and our desire to live from that place. Prayer is focused intent infused with feeling. When we pray sincerely with true feelings miracles manifest. Send in the names of anyone who needs an extra boost of good vibes and prayers. Last Sunday of the month will be devoted to the requests received.


Membership is currently closed. 

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Who is Luminary membership NOT  for

Please don’t consider investing in this membership if...

  • You desire a system or template that offers you an “easy path” to “instant” success.
  • You don’t have the time or the willingness to do the work
  • You feel you have done the self-work and are only interested in being a ‘healer’ to help others
  • You feel you are in a better position than others.
  • You are not open to learning and looking at things from different perspectives.