Multi-dimensional profound healing for root causes to stubborn patterns, blockages, limitations and memory of deep wounds to help you move forward on your life path with ease.

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What to expect from an Intuitive Healing session?

Each session is unique, intuitively guided to assist on your spiritual journey and brings a shift to physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and karmic levels renewing the physical and auric bodies.

  • These sessions are deeply healing and profoundly powerful.
  • During the sessions the vibration of the body rises in preparation for the higher vibration energies that are channelled.
  • The healing is very deep and does not end with the session. It can continue to unfold up to 72 hours even after the scheduled session is over.
  • The experiences are profound and vary based on how open and receptive you are.
  • You could experience anything from sublime peace, tingling sensation, spanning dimensions, astral travel, change in body temperature, meeting with your guides and much more. 

Intuitive healing sessions are powerful, experiential sessions where the higher vibration beings of Divine Golden Light are channelled along with visions, guidance, downloads and 5D insights received.


Book your Intuitive or Integrated Healing session to heal stored trauma, stubborn patterns, blockages, ailments including those that you may not consciously be aware of because it's in your energetic bodies and has not manifested completely in the physical yet.

After securing your spot please send us a message to schedule your session.

Choose from one of our experiential, deeply healing multidimensional session below:

Intuitive Healing session: $333

Integrated Healing session: $444
(combines intuitive healing, akashic record reading and channelled crystal grid specific to your healing needs)

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Thank you Bhavya for an enlightening and validating consultation. I feel so light and at peace and have this beautiful uplifting energy around me. This was a wonderful experience and I thank you for that :)

•• Debra C.

My integrated session helped identify issues from the past that sub-consciously were preventing me from moving forward in life. I feel more grounded as a result of discovering this insightful information and experiencing high vibrational healing. I am happy that I chose to do this session with Bhavya."

•• Jen L.

“Personally, I was at a crossroads in my life and it was a difficult and challenging time when I booked the integrated session with Ms. Gaur. After the healing session the heaviness, pain, and the inner conflict subsided. I felt at peace....a lightness that I had not felt in a very long time. She also delved into my Akashic records, which was a mind-blowing experience. To know that you are being guided and taken care of when you find yourself embroiled in deep emotional turmoil is humbling. Before the session I had some reservations that if my Akashic records revealed something that I did not have the bandwidth to handle I would go into an emotional tailspin. Lo! Behold! Ms. Gaur assures me at precisely the same time that my mind is going through the fear of what my records may reveal.

My session was long distance, so even though I have never met Ms. Gaur in person, her authenticity, the purity and impact of her work comes through. The whole experience was a deeply humbling one. It is difficult to capture an experience into words, if you have an opportunity, I would strongly urge you to schedule a session with her. It is an uncorrupted pure experiential healing, a rarity in today's day and age..

•• Ria. R.
Calgary, CA