To allow soul growth it’s important to heal past issues, trauma, suppression, patterns etc that are restrictive. Many times we have to unlearn things, release the redundant past, heal to create space for learning new and better things that are aligned with our essence and soul’s truth, in our greatest good.

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“Dear Bhavya, I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am. The healing lifted a weight off of me. The best part is that it didn’t end there. Each time I read the notes from our session I see something in a new light or something makes more sense. I don't really know how to express it, but I’m grateful. Sending much love to you.”

•• Susan S.

We are blessed to be a part of soul groups that chose to incarnate during these times of Earth’s ascension. We are also blessed to have access to many holistic and alternative healing tools available to us, empowering us to play the role our soul set for us in the bigger scheme of events. Originating from One Source and intuitively channelled by many, each is a piece of jigsaw puzzle that compliments and fits in perfectly to complete a beautiful picture meant to guide and propel humanity during these times.

If you are ready to take charge of your life, committed to moving forward and becoming a conscious co-creator (instead of a victim), dedicated to thriving and living your full potential, you are welcome to choose the session that calls your heart.

At Kindred Soulzs® Academy, we offer powerful one-on-one sessions curated by combining soul wisdom, intuitive guidance, non-judgement and unconditional love. Our goal is to provide you with tools for Self-Mastery.

We support you on your soul journey, of growth, healing and expansion by bringing awareness to limiting patterns and beliefs that have held you back from living your full potential. Healing is an added bonus that rekindles joy, love, peace and prosperity creating a sacred sanctuary for your inner radiance to awaken.

"I feel blessed to have met Bhavya. A beautiful soul full of good vibes and divine energy. It was an awesome experience going deep into the records, getting the answers that were a mystery earlier along with deep healing received. I am glad the Universe led me to you. God bless you Bhavya always!"

•• Sarah D.
St. John’s. NF

I work from a place of surrender and unconditional love as a channel of Divine wisdom, compassionately connecting with you at the soul level and intuitively with your team of Spirit guides. Each session is creatively envisioned in alignment with your soul journey, as needed by you at this point in life.

 If you are looking for interactive sessions, have questions that you would like to get answers for; If you would like to get insights into repetitive patterns, stubborn themes, issues or simply guidance about something, then I would recommend Akashic Record Session.

Akashic Record sessions are very healing and bring into awareness all the multi-dimensional information relevant to your current life situation from the soul’s perspective. The awareness and acceptance of what is brought to light opens up space that facilitates healing. You have the choice to exercise your free will in following the guidance to consciously co-create what you desire aligned with your soul purpose or ignore the guidance to slide back into old ways.

If you are simply looking for a healing session to restore mind, body, spirit balance and bring serenity and peace, or bring your energy levels up, clear any blockages, remove attachments from your energy field, require a tune up for your Chakras (energy centres) or heal any discomfort, pain etc then I would recommend the experiential multi-dimensional Intuitive Healing Session or powerful Crystal Healing Session. Even though I share with you any guidance I receive during the session its not an interactive session. These sessions involve lying down comfortably and allowing the energies to work on you. To learn more visit the Intuitive Healing and Crystal Healing.

"Dear Bhavya, Please accept my abundant gratitude for your Akashic record session. You have helped me so tremendously, in understanding several major issues in my life.

I feel chains have been cut and I am released to be who and what I am!

With much love and many blessings."

•• Kathy H.
San Diego, CA

Akashic Record

Tap into the essence of your soul to discover who you are. Heal stubborn issues, repetitive patterns and bring insight, clarity, understanding by aligning with your soul truth spanning numerous lifetimes.
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Intuitive Healing

A combination of intuitive healing (experiential), Akashic records (interactive), crystals and sound therapy allow this multi-dimensional healing experience to bring a profound shift to your physical and auric bodies.
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Crystal Healing

Crystals are energy amplifiers and the keepers of ancient wisdom from times immemorial. Based on the need and when the time is right they reveal themselves unlocking the door to esoteric knowledge providing key to the next level in the ascension process.
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Words cannot express how I feel about the healing and wisdom that Bhavya has shared with me. When I contacted Bhavya for a session I was at major crossroads in my life looking for direction and guidance. I felt a definite shift in my energy from the time the session started to even after the time I left. The session was highly experiential. It was like time travel at lightening speed to different spaces and dimensions while seeing, feeling and experiencing simultaneously like a whirlwind….a complete 5D experience.

I feel very blessed and grateful that I was able to spend some time with such a beautiful soul.

•• Michele D.
Toronto, Canada