We promote soul expansion through heart-centred, experiential, online live certification workshops and sacred retreats.

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Curious about your 'Book of Life' or soul purpose and wondering why you are here? Feel drawn to Akashic Records & ready to take charge of your life?

Join the live Akashic Record workshop from the comfort of your home.

Are you a healer here to make a difference and leave a legacy? The desire to serve and guide others on their healing journey ignites your fire?

Listen to your calling.

Become a Certified Akashic Record Practitioner.

 The course duration is 24 hours taught over 3 weekends in small groups to ensure equal attention, involvement & participation.

Dates: June 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 30

P.S: Since many people are going back to work, if deemed more suitable for attendees the dates may shift to include only Sat/Sun. In which case the workshop will include July 1 & 2. Limited spots. 

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Beyond Limitations is Level 3 Akashic Record Certification workshop taught live via Zoom by Bhavya Gaur. This workshop is open through invite only. If you have completed Practitioner Certification with an Academy certified teacher please ask your teacher for referral to join this workshop.*

Prerequisite: Akashic Record Practitioner Certification

A glimpse of what’s covered

✨ Review Practitioner level

✨ Journey beyond Earth

✨ Know what you stand for; implications of current karma and glimpses of future possibilities.

✨ Multi-dimensional travel to find your roots universally and more.....

*Alternatively, if you have successfully completed Akashic Record Practitioner Certification and feel a strong connection with Akashic realm you are welcome to send us a request for consideration stating why you would like to explore the higher realms of Akasha.

Next workshop: June 9-13, 2023 


Sacred Retreat

(Only 3 spots left. Early bird ends May 30th)

Join us for a profound 10 days/9 nights mind, body, soul journey of expansion. Immerse in the mysticism, heritage, culture, majestic beauty of Peru's Sacred Valley with like minded people. 

Empowered Self ~ A Soul Expansion Retreat 

Machu Picchu, Peru

October 12 - 21, 2023


“Thank you so much Bhavya for the wonderful workshop. I enjoyed every minute of it. Loved going into my records :) What an eye opener! I came away feeling so different and ready to move on with my life in a very positive way”.

~ Noreen C.
England, UK

“Bhavya is a truly gifted and inspirational teacher. I keep coming back for more.”

~ Felicity G.
England, UK

"The course contents and their delivery was excellent! I look forward to attending the next levels especially after the energy experienced at this level"

~ Satish D
Mumbai, India 

“I was drawn towards Akashic Records and was looking for a teacher I could connect with. Then the Universe sent Bhavya. Her serene presence, powerful attunements, profound meditations and healing - there are no words to sum up the whole experience. I can’t thank her enough!

~ Mary O’Conner
Sydney, Oz

“Akashic record workshops with Bhavya helped me understand and resolve lots of issues. They helped me overcome my boundaries, hurdles and find clarity about my life purpose. Thank you Bhavya!”

~ Seema N.
Delhi, India

“I did not know anything about crystals until I had a session with Bhavya, which completely changed my life. I decided to join the crystal workshop thereafter. I have been using crystals since and have to say I have never been happier. Who would have thought crystals can talk :) ”

~ Tina D.
ON, Canada

“Bhavya created a lovely space for the workshop and I felt really safe and supported. The workshop was amazing. I had the most wonderful experience, cleared a lot of ancestral karma and definitely felt really great and much lighter than when I had arrived. I would recommend the Akashic Record workshop…it is fascinating.

I knew nothing of Akashic Records before the course; I am looking forward to attending the next level.”

~ Geraldine R.

“I have always been interested in crystals, and taking the crystal workshop with Bhavya was such a beautiful experience. She has so much knowledge about the crystals and breaks it down in a way that becomes very easy to understand and retain. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone fascinated by crystals.”

~ Kimberley S.

“If there is one word I can use to describe what Akashic Records workshop taught me is - FAITH! Faith in the Universe and above all, in my own God-given power. Bhavya is gifted – this is easy to see but what I found amazing about her is the gentleness with which she guides her students to peel the layers and reveal who they truly are away from what the world teaches people to believe. She is there every step of the way to guide you and help you harness your own faith and intuition. This workshop has been a turning point in my life.”

~ Garima
Bangalore, India

Bhavya has a loving and joyful presence through which she teaches her workshops! Truly an amazing experience and the meditations were immensely powerful. During the workshop I experienced many revelations about my soul journey. It left me feeling more empowered and grateful for the beautiful opportunity to learn from Bhavya.

~ Jas KM.
Boston MA

When I came to know that crystals talk I was amazed. I learnt so much about crystals from Bhavya. She is an amazingly intuitive and knowledgable teacher! The flow of the workshop was so smooth and the meditations were out of this world.

~ Vicky T.

The workshop conducted by Bhavya for level 3 was amazing . It transported me to other realms . Also the explanation during the 5 days brought a lot of clarity and helped me understand this matrix of karma and souls a little more better . A must do for all those who want to connect more closely with the Akasha.

~ Binita Mehta

Thank you Bhavya. With deep gratitude I share, that the workshop is sacred and the entire experience ‘divine’. Each information I received as a message came with clarity with a knowing - as the truth. Thank you for your gentle and trusting presence. This has been an out-of-this-world experience for me. Thank you for touching my life and being a part my healing journey.

~ Bobbi G

When I did my Akashic records Practitioner Certification workshop I didn’t really know much about the subject but Bhavya explained the basics so well that this has been a life changing experience for me. Ms. Bhavya Gaur is an excellent teacher and the guidance one gets from her is priceless.

~ Anjali Bhonsule

Bhavya is a wonderfully engaging and illuminating teacher. I loved the pure, loving energy experienced throughout the workshop. I felt very uplifted and deeply grateful for the many gifts and blessings I received.

~ Penny Goode
Sydney, Oz

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