5 Steps to De-Stress

Jan 25, 2024

Here are 5 simple tips that apply not only to holiday season but all year round:

1. Connect with nature – Nature is the biggest healer of all. Spending time in nature always helps refresh the mind, body and soul. I personally like to sit in peace with my feel rooted to the ground. I do this short meditation where I ask Mother Earth to cleanse all the lower vibration energies and emotions from all my bodies. As I set the intention I also give myself permission to let go of what’s not working for my highest good. Without fail, I feel lighter, happier and energized. 

2. De-clutter – I don’t know about you but I feel suffocated and overwhelmed when things are cluttered. To me clutter is messy. No wonder I cannot shop in stores that have too much things lying around on tables, racks etc. De-cluttering our living space is as important as de-cluttering our energetic space. It allows energy or chi to flow. Many times we hoard things because of sentimental value or simply because we feel there might be an opportunity for use in the future. Well, the truth is, if you haven’t used it till now the chances of you using it in the future are very slim. Let it go, give it to someone who needs it and can make use of it. At least it won’t sit in your living space blocking your space and energy. When you create space you invite better things to come into your life.

3. Be thankful for your blessings – Keeping a gratitude journal goes a long way. When we focus our energy to the blessings and gifts that life has showered upon us with gratitude we open the doors to more blessings. At times when we are going through low phase in life its hard to remember all the good things we have. A gratitude journal comes in handy at that time. It helps shift our focus from complaining to thankfulness and appreciation. Honestly speaking we do have more to be thankful for than to complain about, don’t you think?

4. Forgiveness – Many of our grievances come from things that we have been holding on to. Things we have been angry about and even though it has been some time we still have not been able to move on. Forgiving and letting the other person off the hook is not a sign of weakness. Its a sign of strength. To me, forgiving someone means, I am moving on and breaking the cycle that keeps me chained to the past and drags me down by reliving memories that bring hurt and pain. People get mistaken by the meaning of forgiveness many times. Forgiveness doesn’t mean its ok and we can be the best of friends again. It means I am ready to be un-stuck and move on with my life.pastedGraphic.png

5. Do things that make you happy ~ Cultivate a hobby. As life takes its toll we forget our hobbies and what brings us joy, things that we were passionate about but then somehow forgot about because life happened to us. Indulging in hobbies not only makes us happy, it also channelizes our energy into something creative. Creative people always find venues to express themselves. If we express ourselves, we won’t have pent up emotions that need an outlet. Chances of creative persons being really angry or mad are slim.