From searching to knowing your purpose is an integral part of the Journey to Becoming. When blocks are removed, patterns are healed, a shift in the energy comes about. It is this shift that allows you to soar as you start embracing and stepping into the inherent magnificence and power of your soul’s wisdom. It opens channels of Grace and synchronicity connecting you more closely with all that you are and were divinely created to BE. When there’s no conflict, there’s only ease and flow.

If you are a soulful, conscientious person committed to becoming the best version of you but have reached a roadblock and need a mentor to guide, support you while holding you accountable then private mentoring is for you.

At Kindred Soulzs® Academy, we offer powerful customized sessions curated by combining soul wisdom, intuitive guidance, non-judgement and unconditional love. In integrity with our mission we support soul alchemy and empowerment through private mentoring and intuitive coaching offered in six or twelve months duration.

Choose Joyful Luminescence mentoring for personal growth and development, to become the highest manifestation of You.

As a coach and mentor I'm here to compassionately support and hold space by creating an energetic container

✨ To guide high-achievers in breaking through unconscious barriers;

✨ Gain insights in the hidden wisdom of life experiences;

✨ Align with inherent gifts to create the life they truly desire.

I will meet you where you are in your journey to mentor and guide you intuitively while sharing actionable tools and practical techniques. It will be a process of unlearning, releasing, discovering, embracing, embodying and creating. I will hold the space and be your cheerleader as you align with your true essence and blossom into the best expression of you.

Once you commit to moving forward, I will be your guide, mentor, steward on this journey of self-discovery and awakening.

As Business Soul Alignment Strategist I help entrepreneurs and business owners become good stewards for their business. Your business has an identity of its own and it needs good stewardship. Your business is alive. It has it’s own soul blueprint and purpose. Are you embodying your business’s soul purpose and allowing it to thrive or is it being overshadowed & suffocated by the baggage you carry?  With alignment comes ease and flow……..secret ingredient for expansion.

When you work in alignment with your Business's soul purpose you allow it to vibrate at it's highest frequency, attracting all it's here to serve.

One-on-one mentoring is available only through pre-approval. Book a discovery call.

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"I don’t know where to start. Bhavya has moved mountains for me. She helped me overcome a dependency, unhealthy relationships which I struggled with for decades. I am incredibly grateful to her. The six-month mentoring (that I extended to a year when I saw how wonderfully my world was transforming) was the beginning of the life I dreamed of. At the beginning, I shed tears during our sessions. I had no idea how much trauma I was holding onto. Meanwhile, I was soaking up the energy that she transmitted with her calm, peaceful presence. Her soulful mentoring included a balanced combination of deep intuitive wisdom, spiritual nourishment, healing sessions, meditative journeys, practical tools and much more. 

Everything about Bhavya is amazing. Her mentorship worked wonders for me. She is truly intuitive, deeply connected to the Universe and channels messages in abundance for her clients while still being grounded in practical life. She was able to guide me towards a much healthier and fulfilled life. I have become a lot stronger and was able to take actions that I only dreamed of before.   

Bhavya is passionate about helping others. You can tell this is her calling, her mission.  She engages herself whole-heartedly for each of her clients and does everything in her power to help them grow. You could not find a better mentor than her."

~ Giselle O.

“To learn more about myself through Akashic Records is what lead me to Bhavya. This was during the time when my whole life felt stuck. I felt a desire to serve in a bigger way but confusion, self doubt and fear kept clouding my mind and abilities. 

When I started the six-month mentoring relationship with Bhavya, I honestly had no idea of what was to come. This was not like any standard coaching. It was a soulful care, guidance, nurturing support filled with wisdom - a truly holistic life changing experience.

The shift in my life is remarkable – my work is now deeply aligned with my soul. I have more energy and life has become joyful. Now I don’t need a vacation from life! As my intuitive mentor and cheerleader, Bhavya helped transform every aspect of my life. Mentoring with Bhavya was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. I can happily say that Bhavya has helped me blossom into my true magnificence.”

~ Joyce R.

“A heartfelt thank you for helping and guiding me on the road to self-discovery, healing and stepping into my sovereignty. Mentoring sessions with Bhavya are deep, soul searching and insightful. She has been my intuitive coach, guide, accountability steward cheering me on as I took gingerly steps towards becoming my very best. My life changed for the better as I started coming out of the shell, transforming into this confident person not only living my best life but also feeling empowered to stand tall in my sovereignty.  The journey was profound and the joy I discovered along the way priceless.

~ Lou C.

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