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We support self-awareness and soul expansion through learning. Join us on our heart-centred, experiential Akashic Record Certification workshops.

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  • Done with excuses, blame game, limitations and ready to take full responsibility for your life 
  • Guilty of self-sabotage but willing to confront your inner demons
  • Ready to open your heart with compassion and look past the labels given by society
  • Prepared to heal by peeling off layers of conditioning to recognize your true essence
  • Willing and looking forward to achieving balance and harmony in your personal and professional life 
  • Excited to embrace inner peace that comes from living the perfect blend of financial freedom and creatively inspired heart-centred life 
  • Eager to rekindle hope, joy, love, peace and abundance by embodying your Vibrance and radiating it to inspire others.


If you said “Yes” to any of the above, you have arrived. We offer energy healing, Akashic Record readings, Certifications, Coaching / Mentoring to help you awaken, heal & thrive during these transformational times.

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Mentoring & Coaching

Ready to take responsibility for creating a soulful empowered life? It’ll be my honour to be your steward & guide you through a transformative journey of awareness, acceptance, awakening, empowerment & expansion.
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Akashic Records

Tap into the essence of your soul to discover who you are. Heal stubborn issues, repetitive patterns and bring insight, clarity, understanding by aligning with your soul truth spanning numerous lifetimes.

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Intuitive Healing

A combination of intuitive healing (experiential), Akashic records (interactive), crystals and sound therapy allow this multi-dimensional healing experience to bring a profound shift to your physical and auric bodies.

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Crystal Healing

Crystals are energy amplifiers and the keepers of ancient wisdom from times immemorial. Based on the need and when the time is right they reveal themselves unlocking the door to esoteric knowledge providing key to the next level in the ascension process.
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“Thank you madam for the amazing workshop. The attunement, guided meditation and accessing akashic records were an amazingly great experience. Thank you with much appreciation and deep regards for sharing this empowerment tool, all the insights and out-of-the-world experience.”

•• Prasannan
Mumbai, India

I am very grateful to Bhavya for such a powerful Akashic Records session. It has brought so much healing and a big shift in my energies. I am witnessing the change within and also feeling empowered. Bhavya answered all my questions with love and patience.
Thanks dear for showering so much love and blessings on me.
Gratitude to you, Bhavya from the bottom of my heart!

•• Pragati Waval

My name is Bhavya Gaur. I am a Spiritual Intuitive, Author, Speaker and Mentor dedicated to Self-empowerment and Healing. I can help you shine your inner radiance aligned with the Soul's truth. 

I am here to help you blossom into magnificence of your divine Soul.

Over twenty five years ago my life was very different. It was chaotic, filled with struggle and upheaval - abuse, loneliness, separation, suicide attempts, financial crisis etc...but that’s a story for another day…

In hindsight, I see upheaval as the catalyst that helped me blossom into who I have become and still am in the process of becoming.

Twenty five years ago, what began as an introduction to Reiki was the turning point in my life. When I took full responsibility for my life, the floodgates of miracles and wisdom opened.

Learning is a continuous curve. I learn something new in every interaction. The depth of wisdom channelled during the sessions is immense and I thank you for allowing me to be a minuscule part of your journey.

In gratitude,

Work With Me

My deepest gratitude, appreciation and big love for the powerful healing session. It was like coming home into myself.

•• Sue Rowland

Dear Bhavya, I just wanted to thank you for the insight during my Akashic Records session. I have always suffered from depression and more from an unhealthy childhood. After my session I felt like a huge dark cloud had been removed. I am finally on my way to happiness. You truly have a gift.

•• Mark Grant
GTA, Canada

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