Tips To A Happy life

#emotionalmastery #forgiveness #happiness #healing Jan 22, 2024

Life is made of little moments…..moments of laughter, moments of joy, moments of sadness, moments of pain, moments of togetherness, moments of separation and so on. We humans are simple and yet complex creatures of habit. Even when there are happy moments to live by we somehow still keep our attachments to the not-so-happy moments and continue to revisit them in a failing attempt to convince ourselves that those memories don’t affect us anymore. Ironically we say “I don’t care” to things that we care about the most! Through my journey of life, I found simple ways that have made my life happier and they work well for me. Maybe they will for you too; at least it's worth a try ~

1. Looking at life through golden lens of gratitude

Take a trip down the memory lane and relive all the good memories filled with laughter, joy, happiness and love. We don’t give as much credit as we should to the good joyful memories and the blessings that we receive. Is it because we take those moments for granted? Let’s start by giving thanks to those people, circumstances and time that created those memories and let us make a conscious effort to revive them in our mind. Why not allow such memories to brighten up our day? When we start looking at things from a thankful perspective everything shifts and suddenly everything seems covered with golden sunshiny hue.

2. Let the healing begin, forgive, be willing to let go and be open to moving on

The best way to move past the painful sad moments is by letting go of attachment to those moments. The first step in this process is being compassionate to yourself, being non-judgemental and giving yourself enough time to heal. Most of the times we add to our pain, misery and hurt by blaming ourself for going through what we did and not knowing better. We are humans! We learn through mistakes. So what if we didn’t know better then……we do now!

Healing can neither be forced nor hastened. Let time do what it does best….heal. When the wounds are not fresh anymore its easier to forgive. When you feel you have reached that place where you can think of the past without your blood pressure shooting up, you are at a comfortable place to forgive the person, circumstances and different fractions involved in creating the painful memories. Forgiveness is the best way to close the book on an old chapter that does not need revisiting.

3. Replace old memories with joyful new ones

Continue to make more joyful memories by doing what you enjoy surrounded by people you love and who love and support you no matter what. As we continue to make joyful memories soon enough the old hurtful memories fade (if we allow them to) and get replaced by the new memories we make.

The most effort we need to put in this whole process is to be willing to let go and be open to moving on. Life is too short to waste away on holding grudge against someone or harbouring hate or feeling of revenge. The sweetest of revenge is dressed in forgiveness. Cut those cords, remove the shackles, break the bondage to sadness. You have the power to give yourself the gift of freedom…..freedom from sadness, from hurt, from pain. Choose to see everything with an open heart and if people try to keep you tangled in their drama love yourself enough to say goodbye and move on. There are no compulsions in life only choices.

Choose to be happy! Choose to be Sunshine even when the skies are grey. Choose to be light when its dark and have the courage to shine bright and light the path for anyone who needs the ray of joy.

Love from my heart to yours