Your Masterpiece is Being Created. Don't Give Up!

#dontgiveup #gratitude #hope Jan 20, 2024

When we want something badly with all our heart it is already in our sub-conscious….awareness….it belongs to us but we cannot see it yet or the perfect time has not yet come where it manifests in the physical form for us to see it.

As a result we wait for it….for the perfect moment when it manifests into physical reality for us to see, feel or experience.

Sometimes we become impatient because “seeing is believing” and if we don’t see it we feel maybe its not meant to be. Many times we become frustrated and give up! Then we compare ourselves to others who seem to have it all, wondering “why not me?”

A good thing to remember is that there are many variables involved in everything…..the perfect time…..the perfect source…..involvement of someone else as a link in the chain of events that would lead to the physical manifestation…..there are so many things that are not clearly visible on the surface.

Breathe and allow!

We pray and pray to get something that we want so much and when there is so much passion, concentration and dedication involved we are manifesting it all levels creating that energy field around us that aligns us to the vibration of what we want or are wishing for. Imagine when the ball is already rolling and then out of frustration we just give up and say “whatever! its not meant for me”. We just put a stop to everything because we created a barricade right in front of the rolling ball blocking its path to reach us. We most definitely do not want to do that 

Don’t give up and throw it all away! Have patience, allow things to take shape and get out of your own way. Your customized masterpiece is already being created…..its just a matter of time!

Love from my heart to yours