Level up with radical clarity, confidence and ease to the next level of your income in full alignment with your sacred mission



The Master Program for Awakened Entrepreneurs, Healers, Therapists, Coaches and Lightworkers

August 2 - October 4, 2024


You are a conscious thought leader, spiritual seeker here to use your gifts to guide others in finding clarity of purpose, fulfillment and joy. As a new or experienced ascension guide your mission involves contributing to the Collective ascension and awakening....but

✓ You hold yourself back feeling stuck in the Do's and Dont's of the inherited belief system. 

✓ You are helping people thrive but don't know how to claim and receive the bounty that's meant for you. 

✓ You would love a life of ease but find yourself stuck in feast or famine mode without consistent desired income.

✓ You have plateaued at your current revenue and don't know how to scale past the glass ceiling

✓ You overgive to compensate the feeling of not-enoughness 

✓ Money talk, numbers and strategy boggles your mind. You are happy serving others but feel out of place when it comes to strategic planning.


I get you. I know the struggle is real. I have been there.

It took me a long time through trial + error till I learned to become soulfully business savvy. 


What if.....

✨Serving others has nothing to do with sacrifice and suffering (you have been taught otherwise but isn't that a little dramatic, don't you think?!)

✨Success and freedom come to you with ease (Life is not meant to be hard because the Multiverse always has your back)

✨Having your desires fulfilled is possible and sustainable (You are here in this Earth school to express, emote and live the full expression of life so when/why did you learn to suppress?)

✨Serving others from a place of gratitude and abundance brings more abundance and flow (as the saying goes, "money attracts money") 

✨Scarcity and lack are signs of imbalance between giving and receiving (a lot to do with mindset & limiting beliefs stemming from foundational, societal beliefs, and experiences of being brought up in a patriarchal society)

✨Working and serving others means flourishing with ease and joy (our physical reality is a projection of our inner world and our business is an extension of it)

✨Your unconscious can be reprogrammed (Your pre-programmed beliefs have shaped who you’ve been up to this point in your life)

✨There is no struggle; just ease and flow (when you are aligned with your soul's deeper desires there is synchronistic flow)

✨You could bring conscious awareness to the recurring patterns to change/dissolve them (you are more powerful than you think!)

✨There is a way to bridge and ground the spiritual and materialistic aspects to bring peace and harmony in life (from a place of soulful empowerment you attract the ones vibing at a similar frequency - that's simple science) 

✨You don't have to worry and work hard to get clients because you attract your ideal clients with ease.

Let me show you how

 August 2 - October 4, 2024

We will meet once a week, three times a month and have time off for integration.

Registration is now open.



The 10-week Transformative Master Program is an accelerator that weaves neuroscience, psychology, ancient wisdom and transcendental practices to set you on the path of Personal and Business Mastery.

You will experience somatic, emotional, mental, behavioural and unconscious work aligned with Akashic wisdom, Breath work and multidimensional healing integrated with practical tools and resources for embodied fullness in the practical reality.

Flourish will support you in deep inner work around Personal Mastery through:

🌟 Vision + Values + Purpose 🌟

🌟 Blocks + projections + Mindset work + Mindfulness 🌟

🌟 Self-worth + Unconscious Re-programming 🌟

🌟 Relationship with Self + Others 🌟

Flourish will also support and guide you in Business Mastery through:  

🌟 Business Model + Branding + Heart-centred Sales 🌟

🌟 Strategic Goals + Visioning + Manifestation 🌟

🌟 Your Success Roadmap: Tools, Techniques, and Resources 🌟

🌟✨During this time together we will work and play because what's life without fun! ✨🌟

Welcome to this sacred container that holds space for information, guidance, transformation as you upgrade and align with the 5D energy fields of consciousness that apply not only to you but also to your money story. 

Coaches, Lightworkers, Healers, Soulpreneurs, Awakened Conscious Thought leaders

Let's uplevel and anchor your soulful purpose into the physical reality for more impact

You are a spiritual being living a physical reality. Your inner work is incomplete without being grounded and anchored into this reality that you are a part of.

This Master Program is designed to provide a comprehensive holistic and practical approach to support self-employed healers, light workers and conscious entrepreneurs on their personal and professional journeys. The integration of spiritual/healing and materialistic aims to create a wholesome, grounded and empowering container where you feel safe, supported and held as you walk your path of Light warrior. 

The flow of the Master Program sessions will cater to the specific needs of the group members.

Phase 1:

Deep inner work to untangle the beliefs that kept you stuck, and upgrade your operating system to run from a place of clarity, confidence, trust, service and ease.

Phase 2:

Support your upgraded mindset with a focused & expansive business strategy, tools and resources that leverage your unique brilliance to set you up for success.

Flourish is for you if:

  • You are done playing small and are ready to take responsibility and become accountable for manifesting the life you desire 
  • You are ready to open the vortex of your potential, discover your depth and anchor it unapologetically in your physical reality.
  • You are open to upgrading your operating system to calibrate with 5D reality you are currently living in
  • You could use some extra help, guidance and support with strategy, energetics and mindset shifts on your soulful entrepreneurial journey
  • You have been working through things, healing patterns but they keep resurfacing with every trigger 
  • You are curious and open to doing somatic, emotional, unconscious, mindset work to heal that what holds you back 
  • You are open to embracing and accepting every aspect/dimension of your being. 
  • You want to change your money story and are ready to accept the blessings that you so lovingly share
  • You would like to belong to a tribe that understands your work and appreciates your gifts
  • You are ready to transform your life from inside out
  • With continued support, you wish to learn to restore your soul's creative presence and the impact it's here to create
"Flourish was completely guided for me to sign up for. The fact that I knew it will help me transform, worked wonders for me. 
It broke some belief systems, brought in my awareness to the conditioning I needed to shed and above all it improved my relationship with Money. 
The power of journalling helped to envision a clear my path ahead. One of the manifestations I have been working on for years, became a reality for me as I worked on myself through the Master Class.
The insights that ‪Bhavya gave along with the homework truly helped me "Flourish" ~ Mansi D 

Full Payment



Two Installment



Three Installment



Flourish is not for you if:

  • You are fixed in your ways and are not coachable. You are only looking for “instant” success.
  • You don’t have the time or the willingness to do the work
  • You feel you have done the self-work and are only interested in being a ‘healer’ to help others
  • You feel you are in a better position than others.
  • You are not open to learning and looking at things from different perspectives.

Hi! I'm Bhavya Gaur. I am a certified trauma-informed Leadership and Life Mastery Coach/Mentor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Akashic Record Teacher, Breathwork facilitator, 3x Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker dedicated to helping conscious thought leaders and awakened seekers create a fulfilling, joyous life.

I can help you shine your inner radiance and blossom into the magnificence of your divine Soul.
Thank you for allowing me to be a minuscule part of your journey 🙏
Kindred SoulzsÂŽ Academy is committed to helping souls blossom into their magnificence.

Deep inside you is a treasure waiting to be found. Limitless potential waiting to be tapped into...numerous dreams waiting to be awakened...hopeful promises waiting to be fulfilled. Remove the veils to let your light shine. As you radiate guide others to do the same.
Join us for this 10-week transformational Personal & Business Mastery accelerator specifically created for self-employed healers, Lightworkers and solopreneurs aimed at transforming your world from inside out as you create consistent flow while serving clients with ease, clarity, & self-confidence.

August 2 - October 4, 2024