Level 3 ~ Beyond Limitations

Akashic Record Certification Workshop

May 20 - 24, 2024

9 AM - 12 PM EST / 6:30 - 9:30 PM IST

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✨ Curious about your lives beyond Earth

✨ Wondering why you feel drawn to certain things and energies 

✨ Aware that you are here on a big mission and would love to get some clarity

Ready to step up as the highest version of yourself

✨ Drawn to the Akashic records and their energy feels like home

✨ On a mission to find who you are in the bigger scheme of things

✨  Ready to tap into your multidimensional essence for expansion

✨  Excited to dive into the depths of your soul to explore profound secrets 

✨  Lit up by the idea of exploring inter-galactic, multidimensional origin before choosing Earth as your playground

✨  Passionate about connecting with your universal roots and find the WHY that keeps you going?


Life is a chain of synchronicity.


You are led here by your spiritual team because you are ready!

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Look past the mirage to see yourself as the eternal Be-ing of Light. You are already familiar with the energy of the records. Let's strengthen this relationship further.

Experience this 5-day transformational journey of expansion, healing, illumination and awakening. Join us live.

May 20 - 24, 2024 from 9 AM till 12 PM ET / 6:30 - 9:30 PM IST


 ✨Revise Practitioner Level: Get clarity and guidance

✨ Advanced Akashic Vibrational Access: Attune to higher frequencies to access higher levels of the Akashic Realm, unlocking profound insights enhancing your healing abilities and spiritual connection.

✨ Journey Beyond Earth: Embark on a celestial adventure beyond the confines of our planet, exploring the vastness of the cosmos.


 Origins in Other Planets/Star Systems: Discover the fascinating details of your soul's origin, unraveling the mysteries of past lives in distant planets and star systems.

✨ Multi-Dimensional Parallel Universes: Navigate the intricacies of multi-dimensional realities, gaining insights from parallel universes that coexist with this one.

✨ Glimpses of Future: Based on your current journey, catch glimpses of your future. Understand the implications of your present karma and receive guidance on shaping a future aligned with your highest potential.

✨ Guidance for Change: Receive guidance on the changes and lessons that can alter your future path, ensuring it aligns with your desires and soul's purpose.

✨ Multi-Dimensional Travel (11th - 44th Vibration): Elevate your vibrational frequency, explore realms reaching vibrations that you are ready to align with. 

✨ Universal Roots: Uncover the universal roots that anchor your existence, gaining a deeper understanding of your soul's journey through time and space.

✨ Defining Your Stand: Get clarity on your values and purpose, discovering what you truly stand for in the grand tapestry of the Universe. 

✨ Soul Map for the Future: Gain insights to soul map guiding you through future possibilities, helping you navigate the path that aligns with your highest potential.

This workshop is a tool for soul expansion. It will also strengthen your relationship with the records.

If you are ready to leap forward on your spiritual journey and expand awareness, you are welcome to join.

Prerequisite: Akashic Record Practitioner Certification.

Completed Practitioner certification and feel a strong connection to the Akashic realm? Send us a request for consideration clearly stating why you would like to attend this workshop.

Refund Policy: Due to the individual and informative nature of the workshop making accountability a key element, refunds will not be given for any reason.

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Live Online workshop in small groups.



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“As you embrace your truth, as you discover yourself all over again, as you see your beauty shine through the veils may you always remember that you are loved as you are without conditions, without pretenses, without any inconsistencies.”

•• Bhavya Gaur

Bhavya is a multi-dimensional worker, a self-empowerment intuitive life Coach, author, speaker, Akashic Visionary, Master of Crystology, Reiki Master/Teacher.

Born as an intuitive, Bhavya has been walking the spiritual path dedicated to healing for close to three decades.

She has been teaching Akashic record workshops in Canada, US, Australia, Europe, India and has thousands of happy students across the globe.

"Bhavya has a loving and joyful presence through which she teaches her workshops! Truly an amazing experience and the meditations were immensely powerful.

During the workshop I experienced many revelations about my soul journey. It left me feeling more empowered and grateful for the beautiful opportunity to learn from Bhavya."

~ Jas KM, 
Boston US

“Dear Bhavya, you have made my life! Thank you so much for the unforgettable experience. Lot's of love, God bless.”

~ Asha Z.
Mumbai, India

" The workshop conducted by Bhavya for level 3 was amazing.

It transported me to other realms, Also the explanation during the 5 days brought a lot of clarity and helped me understand this matrix of karma and souls better.

A must do for all those who want to connect more closely with the Akasha."

~ Binita M
Mumbai, India

"The workshop with Bhavya was amazing. It is difficult to express in words. The experiences are unique to each participant.

Once in the session she gives freely, her warmth has no bounds. Though our sessions were for 3 hours, Bhavya often continued till well beyond patiently addressing our concerns and queries."

~ Deepa D
Delhi, India

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